About NMD

NMD Auto’s Ltd is a family run business that supply’s quality new and used cars and vans all over Ireland. 

We have a wealth of local knowledge about the industry when it comes to buying and selling cars and vans.  NMD Auto’s prides itself in the full experience car and van market, we like to give our customers the satisfaction that comes with the trust that is established when dealing with us, that local feel and understanding, we have crafted over the years. 

We are an independent auto dealer, meaning we are not tied to any car manufacturer, we can supply any brand or model to our yard or directly to your door.   

You will feel free to test drive our vehicles knowing we have your back and are more interested in finding the car you need, that right one, that suits just you.  Traditional auto dealers have given our industry a bad reputation, you will not find any of those traditional practices here, we despise them as much as you do.  

Come visit our yard and see for yourself the difference dealing with a local independent auto dealer as to offer you and your family. 

Deposit secures any vehicle.

* All goods remain the property of NMD Autos until paid for in full. Deposits non refundable. *